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Design Tips - Choosing a Paint ColorWhen the decision is made to paint, there is this indescribable itch to do it NOW! But resist the urge, take your time and look at all the various tints and shades of the color you think you want. Bring several of the small swatches home. Paste them up where the light will hit them at all times of the day.

When you have narrowed down your possibilities, go buy a quart or two of paint—or one of those great samples that some manufacturers offer for sale—and paint the wall where you can see it on a regular basis.

Often you will discover that the yellow you chose is way too bright or the green is much too blue. A few extra dollars spent in the beginning could save you a great deal of frustration.

You want to say, when the project is done, “I love it!”

Every once in a while, people (most of them women) get the urge to change things up. They move the furniture, switch the curtains from room to room, add an area rug, pillows and a new floral arrangement. But be assured, that will not be enough! The day will come eventually and it will be off to the paint store. If you are one who doesn’t understand such antics, you can only hope she will be choosing to paint just an accent wall--a good one-day project with quick rewards.

If you aren’t really adept at adding color to your walls, start in a small area that has a starting and stopping place--maybe behind the bed or sofa. Think about the space for a while before you decide it’s time to begin.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • What are the objects I’m going to keep in this room.
  • Within that group, are there colors that I really like?
  • Would one of those colors make a good accent color on the wall?
  • Do I need to soften the color a bit so it doesn’t seem oppressive?
  • Would it be better to choose a complement or a beautiful neutral?
  • What does this color look like at night?
  • Will I need to add more light to the room?
  • What sort of mood am I hoping to create?
  • Warm and welcoming? Choose earthy reds, dusty plums, and rusty golds.
  • Clean and crisp? Choose from amongst the beautiful neutrals.
  • Calm and restful? Choose neutrals or silver blues, greens and lavenders.

Finally, keep the bright, vibrant colors for special focal points-- not your walls. And should you find yourself in need of some special help, I am available for consulting at your convenience.

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