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Beach Condo Style

Coastal living is what many of us dream about and this condo has been beautifully updated to reflect the gorgeous spot where it sits on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  Offering a wonderful way to control the California sun, the shutters in the dining nook allow for a room with a view as well.  The beachy high window treatments give some added color. 

Attention to detail, including the ceiling in the small office area gives the feeling of never leaving the beach—even when paying the bills.  The kitchen offers lots of work space while allowing the guests to participate with the cook in the preparations.  The master bedroom continues the theme of seashells and sea glass fills a glass fish, complementing the lovely bowl which has become a sink. 

Comforting and compact, this beach condo invites owners and guests alike to come and enjoy the ocean.

Photo Credit: Dennis Anderson Photography

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