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Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tips

Candy Anady Interiors is a full-service certified design firm with experience in all types of residential and commercial projects. The photos give a little glimpse of the types of projects that comprise the portfolio of CAi and the attention to detail that is a part of the firm’s work ethic.

Kitchens are probably one of the first spaces that get renovated in an older home because of the wear and tear on the surfaces. A designer who is knowledgeable regarding the various surfaces, their ability to reflect light which is key in a kitchen, and their durability can be a valuable asset. In a kitchen, as well as in a bath, window treatments also give opportunity for softening the environment of hard surfaces—and the trims that are available are gorgeous. An ordinary valance gets a stroke of elegance with just the right edge.

Bathrooms can be a challenge for a designer because they are usually one of the smaller rooms in the house while serving a wide variety of functions that must be adequately accommodated. Like any well-appointed room, the bathroom needs an attractive focal point, and you will see two examples of custom sinks which serve that purpose beautifully. Colorful and unusual, these sinks set the stage for the surprises in the rest of the decor. Backsplashes are also a major feature in most bathrooms and can provide an opportunity for color and texture while serving their functional aspect. But what about a beautiful floor? The small, iridescent aqua glass tiles are another way to add a colorful finishing touch to a shower stall.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tips

Remodeling, new construction, repurposing and restyling furniture—all of these things are pulled together with just the right fabrics and unique accessories. And when it comes to choosing in today’s market, the options can be overwhelming. Often people don’t give enough thought to the small final details that make all the difference. So sometimes, when all is said and done, a designer will save you a lot of money because you will be encouraged to purchase items that give that finished look which says your project is completed.

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