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Furniture RestylingMost of us are faced with having to keep our furniture around for a while--sometimes long after it has gone out of style or after we are very tired of looking at it. However, if you have purchased a solid frame, it's great to know that the piece can be restyled and reinvented for your new tastes.

This little chair shows off the great detail that is possible when a craftsman takes on your project. The chair was very ordinary and it has been covered in a thick pink velvet.  The back has deep pleats with covered buttons and beautiful tassels. And since the back always faces into the room, this detailing is very important; yet most of us do not consider the back sides of our furniture when we are investing our resources!  

When you think your house could use a facelift, think about restyling your furniture. It's eco-friendly and very practical.  See how a chair can be completely transformed here on our website--coming soon!!

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