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“Genuine hospitality cannot be described, but it is immediately felt.” Hector Guimad

Candy Anady is one of Southern California's most versatile Interior designers.

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Here are two small footstools that become the focal points for a small section of a room.  The antique stool on the right is even equipped with casters so that it moves easily around the room--which is a good thing for a footstool. The ruched pale grey velvet complements the ironwork and the brass tacks.  The middle photo is a stool on its way to repurposing--and finished up in the photo on the right.  Candy Anady Interiors has a very amazing upholsterer with whom she has worked for many years.  He is a master at updating and restyling furniture!  Using ruched satin and a piece of needlepoint that is nearly 100 years old, this stool will be a family keepsake.

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